Monday, January 23, 2017

Women's March Largest Demonstration in U.S. History; Trump sets record for most rejections by women in one day

Just a day after Trump gave another campaign speech in front of a relatively sparse crowd on the National Mall, many more people flooded D.C. for the Women's March on Washington.

While organizers said about one million people were in D.C., another 3 million or so marched in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and smaller cities across the country. Then another roughly 2 million in other countries staged demonstrations against Trump, making it about 6 million participants worldwide. It was a record by far for a one-day protest in the United States.  

As some said, Trump also set a record for a man being rejected by the most women in a single day.

“This coordinated day of global action surpassed all of our expectations,” said Women’s March on Washington co-founder and co-chair Bob Bland. "Together, we demonstrated the capacity of women working together in unity to create transformational change."

Bland announced a 100-day action plan to work on issues such as civil rights, healthcare, and environmental justice. The campaign will announce timely actions in rolling fashion, such as sending postcards to representatives and helping participants build local action networks.

More details of the 100-day action are here.

The first action is to send postcards to Senators on important issues; printable cards can be found here. 

I attended the last part of the march in D.C. I had planned to take my daughter, who wanted to attend since her best friend went, but she wasn't feeling well. I also joined some protests the previous day in D.C., after running into anarchists who were smashing windows and confronting police, who responded by throwing flash grenades into the crowd. It was an.... interesting time, to say the least. I was sorry not to witness a masked anarchist type punch white nationalist Richard Spencer as he gave an interview in person; that even got play on Saturday Night Live.

My report on that day is both on Oped News here and Buzzfeed here [yes, the same outfit Trump called a "failing pile of garbage"]. 

Finally, I have to address Trump's claim that more than a million people were on the mall during his divisive campaign speech. I drove through D.C. both Friday and Saturday about the same time. Traffic was much worse Saturday, signifying more people in D.C. Photos of Trump's crowd showed it was significantly less than Obama's. I was at Obama's inauguration in 2009; we had to stand WAY past the Washington Monument near the WWII Memorial. There were still people behind us all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. Trump's crowd didn't even reach the Washington Monument before thinning out. #altfacts #alternativefacts #spicerfacts #trumpfacts

Look at these photos. The first was taken at the exact moment Obama spoke in 2009, the next when Trump spoke. You can see a lot of white spaces in Trump's. Obama's crowd is shown here going way beyond the Washington Monument.


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  2. Here are some other large US marches:

    While the protests against the Iraq War on Feb. 15, 2003, were certainly larger worldwide, reports of the number of participants in the U.S. varied from 600,000 to several million. But it's doubtful that day had more than Saturday's marches in the U.S.