Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More proof that Trump conspired with Putin to fix the 2016 election

Now we know more about why Trump is so aligned with Russia to the point of being compromised. For those saying Buzzfeed should not release this document, I say look at what Republican-friendly sites have released for decades. 

Remember all the mostly unsubstantiated reports about Bill Clinton? Remember how Trump made a career for four years hounding Obama about his birthplace using mostly unsubstantiated reports?
The allegation about Trump paying prostitutes to use the bathroom on a bed in Moscow where the Obamas once slept is receiving much of the media coverage and Twitter reaction. 
But there are other allegations even more of a concern than that, such as how the Trump team supposedly made a deal with the Russians to not talk about Russian intervention in the Ukraine during the campaign in exchange for leaking email messages about Clinton and the DNC. In other words, Trump and Putin did conspire to release those emails about Clinton and the DNC.

If you can't see the full report on Buzzfeed, I put the report on my own google drive here 

It's well worth reading.

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  1. Maybe your book's title should be: How to Survive in TrumPeeLand....