Monday, March 13, 2017

Resistance to Trump continues to grow

While many rightly deplore the current U.S. political leadership, it's really kind of exciting to live in these times. We're witnessing each day a movement that continues to grow against Trump, one that crosses traditional political boundaries. 

For instance, several key Republican senators have backed off from doing away with the ACA entirely. Why? Not because they suddenly saw the light that the act helps millions obtain needed health coverage. But because constituents are demanding they keep the act intact, while making a few revisions. Town hall meetings in a lot of Republican congressional districts have resembled World Wrestling events, with some cowardly representatives ducking out of the meetings, rather than taking the heat. 

Another interesting development is the growth of groups that have formed to resist Trump. I counted at least 50 new ones that have cropped up since last November, especially if you count Facebook groups, which largely operate online. If you are on Twitter, check out Trump Regrets, tweets from former supporters who rethink their approval.

The following are some of the more interesting Trump resistance sites and groups [I list a lot more in my new book, Not Our President, available on Amazon]:

Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda
Washington, D.C.
Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. Many techniques were carried out by the Tea Party movement. Can download copy free.

The Trump Survival Guide
New York City
Book released in January 2017 by Gene Stone, author of The Bush Survival Bible, among others. Details steps to take around issues such as health care, civil rights, women’s rights, the environment, international affairs and more. Provides history and analysis of what Trump might do, with a plan of action and resources.

What Do We Do Now
New York City
Book released in January 2017, edited by Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians. Collection of essays by leading progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Robert Reich, and Paul Krugman, divided into sections such as civil liberties, racial justice, immigration, climate change, religious freedom, and media.

Oh Crap! What Now? Survival Guide
Brea, CA
Crowd-sourced, online collection of health, legal and safety plans and resources to help people combat and deal with the TrumPence regime.

Resistance Manual
A Wiki-based collective resource that provides information to resist Trump’s agenda. Project of Stay Woke, which seeks to end police targeting of minorities and racism.

What Do I Do About Trump?
Volunteer team providing online resources and ways to get involved in opposing TrumPence. Founders have backgrounds in public policy, advocacy, education, nonprofit management, business, law, and information science, located nationwide.

Not Up For Grabs
Portland, OR
Political education and activism resistance site run by writer Carisa Miller.

Wall of Us
Offers four quick weekly acts of resistance via email. Founded by Amelia Miazad and Kara Ganter.

The Resistance Party
Grassroots movement that aims to become the action arm of the Democratic Party. 

Facebook Resistance Sites
Numerous Facebook pages have formed to build resistance against Trump. Here are a few.

Twitter Resistance Feeds
Twitter has also unearthed a legion of anti-Trump feeds.

Trump Regrets
Great Twitter feed full of Trump voters who regret their choice. Don’t troll them, make them feel welcome to join the resistance against Trump.

Sleeping Giants
Targets advertisers of Breitbart with boycotts and letter campaigns. More than 300 companies have pulled ads.

Democratic Coalition Against Trump
Hoboken, N.J.
Previously Keep America Great PAC, switched to make Trump White House accountable. Includes an app that tells what companies to boycott.

Weekly Resistance
Provides weekly actions to resist Trump.

FearNothing and TheResistance Action Resources
Boynton Beach, FL /2017/01/04/fearnothing-and-theresistance-action-resources
Good list of resources to take action by David Yankovich.

99 Ways to Fight Trump
Beaverton, OR
Good ideas for action on this list.

Rogan’s List
Traverse City, MI
Retired librarian Susan Rogan provides updated list on actions to take.

Harry Potter’s Guide to Resisting Evil
San Diego
Tips from Emily Reimer-Barry, chair of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Diego, based on the Harry Potter books.

Michael Moore
New York City
The progressive filmmaker gives regular tips on his Facebook page on how to deal with Trump.

Robert Reich
Berkeley, CA
The former U.S. Labor Secretary often includes tips on resisting Trump in his blog and other writings.  He also cofounded Inequality Media [], a nonprofit film and video organization that highlights income and wealth inequality.

Twenty Lessons from the 20th Century
New Haven, CT
Yale history professor Timothy Snyder gives 20 tips on combating a rise in authoritarian regimes.

Not Our President: The Movement against the Agenda of Tricky Don & Wingman Mike
Washington, D.C.
Book and blog that details what people are doing to resist the TrumPence administration by longtime progressive writer Jack Thor. Includes more ideas and tips to resist, resources.

It’s Time to Fight
San Francisco
Site that provides information on current issues and plans of attack. Webmaster has worked in politics for 16 years.
Howell, MI
Started during Bush presidency, now focuses on resisting Trump. Keeping domain name due to the goodwill built since 2003.

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